10 Times Humans become earth food


10A Man Is Swallowed Inside His House While Sleeping

Photo credit: Greener Ideal

In February 2013, Jeff Bush, 37, was sleeping at his home in Florida when the floor under his bed collapsed and swallowed the man almost instantaneously. Jeremy Bush, his brother, was in another room when he heard a loud noise similar to “a car hitting the house,” followed by the screams of Jeff asking for help from his bedroom. Jeremy went into his brother’s room, seeing only a huge hole where Jeff’s bed was before.

Jeremy jumped into the sinkhole without hesitation, trying to save his brother, but it was too late. He couldn’t see Jeff anywhere inside the hole, and Jeremy himself had to be rescued as the hole continued to grow in size. Jeff’s body was never found inside the sinkhole, which reached a depth of 15 meters (50 ft). The other five members of the family who were in the house at the time managed to survive the incident.[2]

The house had to be demolished because the ground below was very unstable. All the houses surrounding the site had the same fate. Two years later, the hole opened again in the same place, but by then, there was nothing and no one that could be swallowed by it. The state of Florida has a chronic problem with sinkholes, which open frequently, but it is not common for a person to be swallowed by one of these cavities.




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