10 Times Humans become earth food


9A Family Falls Into A Volcanic Crater

Photo credit: ANSA

volcanic eruption can kill people with lava, ash, pyroclastic flows, and debris, but now we will see another way: craters.

In September 2017, a family consisting of a couple and two children was visiting the Solfatara volcano, near Naples, Italy. According to officials, the 11-year-old son entered a restricted area of the crater, so his parents went after the boy to bring him back. Suddenly, the ground collapsed under the weight of the three family members, and a 3-meter (10 ft) crater opened beneath them.

The three people fell into the crater and probably died of asphyxia due to the toxic gases. The other son, seven years old, survived the incident by staying out of the restricted area, after which he ran for help.[3] The soil in the area is fragile, and in addition to the gases, the volcano also releases water vapor at 160 degrees Celsius (320 °F), so falling into one of its craters means an almost certain death.


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